What To Do In Quarantine Reviews – Resident Evil 3 (Video Game)

Yes, movies have all but stopped coming to theaters. We have had a handful of decent indie films released on demand since the start of this pandemic, but mostly it’s been a movie free zone for the past month and a half. Knowing that this will likely continue until Christopher Nolan’s new film ‘Tenet’ graces the silver screen in July, I thought it would be great to start throwing out recommendations for entertainment during this theatrical down time. This includes everything from new albums and streaming programming, to the blockbuster video games that are still being released.

I thought I would start with the recently released remake of ‘Resident Evil 3’, because I know the thing I’m missing most from not being able to go to the theater is the blockbuster experience. Movies like ‘Mulan’, ‘No Time To Die’, and ‘Black Widow’ were suppose to have rocked our socks off at this point, but the virus has pushed some of them back half a year. Yet, this does not mean that there are not similar experiences to be had at home, that don’t involve rewatching your favorite old action movies.

‘Resident Evil 3’ is a remake of the game ‘Resident Evil: Nemesis’ that marked the original turn in the ‘Resident Evil’ series to a more action based game. It still has a lot of the survival horror elements that the first two games had, but it also kicks the action into high gear when the big bad Nemesis comes around. Which means there is enough traveling through scary corridors to keep you a little scared, but also a good amount of edge of your seat action.

The story is pretty much just a non-stop escape from Raccoon City. If you don’t know anything about ‘Resident Evil’, the crash course is that an evil corporation called Umbrella has created a virus known as the T-Virus (perfect story for the time of coronavirus). Special Tactics and Rescue Squad (STARS) members Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield uncovered its existence in a mansion, but it was too late to stop it. The virus spread all over Raccoon City in about a month and the whole place is infected with zombies. Oh, and a giant monster that’s trying to kill STARS members is on the loose.

This game starts with Jill in quarantine, until she is attacked by the giant monster called Nemesis. Once you escape him Nemesis once, you run into a group of Umbrella Special Forces that are both trying to save civilians and cover up the truth about their experiments. Jill helps to try and save civilians, but Nemesis is so relentless that the entire game becomes a series of building battles and escapes. Luckily, these battles get wilder and the escapes get more exciting as the whole thing goes along. It’s just an absolute blast.

In the end, there is nothing deep or interesting about this tale. It’s just a summer blockbuster that you get to play instead of watch. And it is one hell of a blockbuster! The story is mostly non-existent, but the intensity is through the roof. Add a powerfully appealing female lead to the mix and you have a hell of a good time in your living room. Just put the Dolby Digital Surround Sound on full blast.

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