‘Top Gambling Themed Movies To Watch In 2019

Just a few weeks back, the world was in a festive mood celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Just as is the norm during that time of the year, many people were busy looking for Christmas themed movies. However, the festive season with all its celebratory stuff is now effectively over and we have started another year in which, we all have to work. It is in light of this that we decided to share with you the following gambling themed movies. Not only will the following movies help you to kill some time but they will also motivate you to consider taking up a side hustle (in addition to your everyday job of course). The side hustle being gambling. If indeed the following movies do achieve their objective i.e. motivate you to start a gambling adventure, note that you can easily do so by visiting NoviBet, the best online casino.

Casino– 1995
Well, the title of this movie does reveal it all, it’s all about casinos. Casino is a movie which portrays the ‘other’ side of gambling. While in general advertisers love to show you the glamorous side of gambling, this movie does explore the other side of gambling which is not so pleasant. In the movie, two men go head to head. One of the men Robert De Niro, a low-level mobster who after years in the gambling business decides to call it quits but his exit is not so easy thanks to the ruthless Nicky Santoro. Nicky Santoro operates four casinos and he does not like any of his regulars to quit gambling more so when they owe him as is the case with Robert De Niro. The fight between Robert De Niro and Nicky Santoro fuelled by a third party, sexy Sharon Stone makes Casino a must watch.

The Gambler– 2014
The Gambler is a remake of the 70s classic which also goes by the same name, The Gambler. The protagonist is Mark Wahlberg who plays the role of a literature professor. With nothing to keep him busy during his free time, Mark decides to start a gambling adventure. Fearing that his newly found hobby might dent his image in society, he decides to gamble underground illegally (a decision which he later regrets). Mark doesn’t have much in terms of wagering funds thus he borrows some money from a mafia kingpin to boost his bankroll. His attempt to replace the borrowed funds using his winnings go horribly wrong hence he has to look elsewhere for the money before the mafia kingpin sends his men.

Killing Them Softly– 2012
Three unlikely partners come together unified by their desire to search for easy money. After going through different plans, the three partners decided that the best way to get the easy money they need is through a heist. The three devise a plan to rob card games run by mafia bosses. The three execute their plan perfectly but unbeknown to them, the mafia bosses in a bid to recover their money hire the services of a very reliable hitman, Brad Pitt.

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