The Best Video Game of 2020: Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 (Xbox One, Ps4, PC)

This game is slowly becoming more infamous than any other in history. Sadly, this is not for the right reasons. The XBOX One and PS4 versions of this game play so poorly on the original versions of those systems that CD Projekt Red has had to issue refunds and actually remove copies from the shelves.

So, as I am writing this, I am not sure if you can even get a copy of this game. And CD Projekt Red should get all the scorn in the world for releasing this game on systems that it can’t play on. However, if you can find it on a next generation console or play it on a top of the line PC, it is easily one of the best open world experiences ever created!

From the intricately laid out city to the carefully crafted character development, this world has been expertly put together by a team that really loved it. You can feel it in the way every zone breathes with a different energy and every character brings their own unique quirks to the story. Even characters that don’t stick around very long leave a lasting and sometimes emotional impact.

Then there are the seemingly infinite side missions that seem to creep up on you. You could likely fill in hundreds of hours with just the side missions alone. In fact, I was nearly 12 hours into the game before the world opened up to me. I just got so distracted by the inhabitants of the world and all the side missions that popped up in just the first section of it.

This is all coupled with a fun performance by Keanu Reeves and a main story that spans nearly 20 hours. And it is only going to get more fun as they add content. So, this may end up starting as infamous for all the wrong reasons, but I’m sure it will end up as one of the greatest games of this decade.

Nathan Ligon

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