‘Walt Before Mickey’ Trailer

Vision Films is pleased to announce the highly anticipated release of Walt Before Mickey to DVD and VOD this year on December 5th 2015 – Walt Disney’s birthday – following its successful theatrical release in August. Starring Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie) as Walt ...Read More

‘Tokyo Tribe’ Trailer

In a futuristic Japan, territorial street gangs form opposing factions collectively known as the Tokyo Tribes. When one of the gang leaders breaks the fragile peace, it triggers a brutal street war for supremacy. Based on a popular Manga series and told almost entirely ...Read More

Blu-ray Review: ‘Goodnight Mommy’

An isolated countryside home is the setting for this Austrian psychological horror-thriller. Goodnight Mommy follows nine year old twin boys as they try to grasp their new reality upon their alleged mother’s return from cosmetic surgery. With a mishmash of supernatural, eeriness, and torture, ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘The End Of The Tour’

Review by Lauryn Angel I have never read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. When the novel was published in 1996, I was a senior in college, and as a double-major in English and History, most of my reading was pre-determined. When the novel came ...Read More