Movie Review: ‘The Midnight Man’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Alex (Gabrielle Haugh) watches after her grandmother, Anna (Lin Shaye), who seems mean and forgetful in her old age. Alex’s mom passed away when she was younger and she gladly takes care of her grandmother now, even if it feels like a burden. One night, Alex invites her friend Miles (Grayson Gabriel) over to hang out. Anna asks Alex to look for her favorite hand mirror in the attic. Alex and Miles find a wrapped box while getting the hand mirror. The box contains candles, a sewing needle, a pencil, a paper with names on it, along with a drop of blood by each name and a set of instructions. At first it seems like nothing, but the box contains a game that Alex and Miles decide to play.

The game was played by Anna when she was a kid. Anna and her friends had to avoid the Midnight Man (Kyle Strauts) from 12:01 a.m. to 3:33 a.m. or he would use your worst fears against you to kill you. One of the people Anna invited over was her current doctor, Dr. Goodberry (Robert Englund). They were the only two people to survive that night because she “won” and he wasn’t allowed to play the game. When Dr. Goodberry comes over to check on Anna’s health, he finds out that Alex and Miles are playing the game with their friend, Kelly (Emily Haine). He warns them of what to watch out for from the Midnight Man and tells them that they should destroy the game. It’ll be hard to stop and/or beat the Midnight Man because he really doesn’t like to lose.

This film has a lot of gore and a couple of jump scares. It is well shot and acted, but it doesn’t have a strong plot. It doesn’t excite you the way The Conjuring would, but it’s a decent horror film to watch. Other than Lin Shaye and Robert Englund, the best thing about this film is how bad no one cares about Kelly. She literally threw herself in the game to help her friends and no one cared that much. This is a film where you won’t be upset that you watched it, but you’ll know what to expect from it.

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