Book Review: ‘Light It Up’ Is The Next Exciting Peter Ash Thriller

Peter Ash is back for his third thrilling adventure. In Light It Up, in stores now from G.P. Putnam’s Sons, he takes to the road and leaves serene lands of Oregon and June Cassidy, the woman he loves, to go to Denver and get hooked up with the Marijuana trade.

Still dealing with his issues as a former marine with deploys in Iraq and Afghanistan, he suffers from PTSD and fears on being in enclosed places. He’s been working on his issues and slowly getting better. He’s called by his old friend Henry Nygaard and asked to come work security for his daughter’s company. They provide security for businesses that sell Pot (which is legal in Colorado). Problem is banks are not allowed to take the money. So owners are forced to hide their money in various ways.

Robbers have been following the bigger companies and stealing their money on transport. On Ash’s first run they are attacked and left for dead. Ash manages to escape and it becomes the robbers worst nightmare. Ash won’t rest until he finds the people responsible for the deaths of his friends.

As he investigates people seem to be one step ahead of him. Then June comes to visit and she is taken by the bad guys. This enrages Peter and he stops at nothing to save her and solve this case. Will he be able to get to her in time or will he once again lose someone close to him.

My first Peter Ash novel is a thrill ride a minute. The non-stop action of this hero draws you in from the beginning and never leaves you, up to the heart-stopping climax of the book. Peter is a character you want to root for and see overcome his demons and be happy. I am looking forward to hopefully continuing his story in future books.

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