Book Review: ‘The Great Alone’ Is An Absolutely Invigorating & Astonishing Read

Alaska, 1974. Untamed. Unpredictable. And for a family in crisis, the ultimate test of the human spirit. From the author who brought you the phenomenon of ‘The Nightingale.’

‘The Great Alone’ is one heck of a story. When I read the synopsis I thought, “Oh great, another Alaska story with lots of wolves, and don’t forget the bears eating you or your true love for breakfast. And also don’t forget the snow!” Well, author Kristin Hannah has a good reputation so I settled down for a good read. She has written a wonderful book, none of the above comes anywhere into the story, this is about people, love, envy, pain, and resurrection. I wish I had a poet’s mind so I could tell you how absolutely amazing this wilderness is, painted with remarkable words that dig deep into your soul, ordinary people against all odds that the gods themselves couldn’t take on.

Relationships are sweetly brought to fruition and they leave you breathless. The people herein are magnificent in their human hearts. It runs the gamut of every emotion ever instilled into humanity. Yes, we have ice, snow, wolves, bears, and the desolation of the Alaskan winter but they stand in the wings of this great book.

The love story that unfolds is beyond words, I just don’t have a way to describe the emotions and feelings I experienced as I watched them play out. I will definitely put this on my keeper shelf. I don’t know when I will have the courage to read it again because it took a piece of my soul and I cannot find it. I don’t know if I can afford to lose any more and I have run out of words. Thanks, Kristin.

Available in bookstores February 6th, 2018

Ann McDonald

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