Book Review: ‘How To Kill Men And Get Away With It’ Can’t Make Up Its Mind As To What Genre It Wants To Be

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A deliciously dark, hilariously twisted story about friendship, love, and murder. Fans of ‘My Sister the Serial Killer,’ “How to Kill Your Family,’ and ‘Killing Eve’ will love this wickedly clever novel.

This is author Katy Brent’s first novel, and I looked forward to reading it. We are presented with a group of women who spend their privileged lives drinking themselves under the table, propping up the booze with drugs and sex.

The lead protagonist, Kitty Collins, immediately brings you to the first murder scene. Just so you know what you’re in for, Kitty is the queen of social media and has thousands of followers. She is also one sick babe.

The story sets out to make you a part of Kitty’s life, like her relationships with her girlfriends and her love affairs. You need a lot of patience to stay the course once the killings begin. She is not Freddy Krueger, but they could be twins.

Basically, men who hunt, beat up, and rape women are fair game to Kitty, and she does her best to take you into the mind of a mental killer who justifies what she is doing with a list of sins the men have committed without one ounce of pity for the unfortunate victims.

You are reminded that these men showed no pity to their victims, and we slowly work out a way between the love affairs and the murders. There is a thread of a storyline that holds the narrative together, but you find yourself getting tired of the whole shebang.

Kitty brings one of her girlfriends away on vacation for a few days, and events lead to the slaughter and mutilation of three men. At this point, I gave up the ghost as the story stopped making absolute sense.

Violence against women, rape, and murder have been part of life, but two wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t know why men do this to the innocent, and I don’t understand why some men become monsters, but training our women and girls into flesh-mincing, eye-bursting, stranglers because it makes them feel good is not amusing.

I don’t know where the answer lies, and I doubt I ever will. The book made me sick towards the end and I finished it under duress.

Available in Bookstores June 13th

Ann McDonald