Movie Review: ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’ Is The Warren’s Show

Ed and Lorraine Warren were considered by many in the scientific community to be crackpots back in their day. There were certainly a number of people who believed their theories and still do, but they have always been largely dismissed as fiction. Yet, Hollywood horror movies have loved them and their stories for a generation.

Personally, I roll my eyes when the real recordings or videos play at the end of these ‘Conjuring’ movies. I am not a believer of the occult by any stretch of the imagination. I also do not believe that these films are based on much in the way of truth. Still, I find all these movies to be quite good and a big part of that is because of the Warrens.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have done such a wonderful job fleshing out these characters over the years. Which is really important for this particular film because they take center stage this time around. In the previous ‘Conjuring’ films, the Warrens shared pretty equal time with the family they were trying to help. That’s not really the case in ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’. Honestly, I would argue that this story is more about their relationship than the case itself.

There is a case to be solved and there are talks of exorcism, but mostly this story is about the Warren’s relationship being fleshed out while looking into proving a case of demonic possession. Which seems like a tall order and is an interesting enough proposition for a plot. It just doesn’t lead in very scary directions, and a lack of connection to the boy being possessed (played by Ruairi O’Connor), or even his family, makes those scenes a bit less impactful. Still, there are multiple ways to watch this movie and if you don’t think it’s worth the price to see in the theater then you can pay $15 to watch on HBOMAX. If you do so, I totally you use that account to watch some of the best entertainment available. It’s totally worth that.

Nathan Ligon

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