Movie Review: ‘Onward’ Is Another Pixar Success

When I finished watching ‘Onward’, the latest Pixar film, I thought that it was a wonderfully animated, fairly sweet, and slightly humorous trip. Kind of like a ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ road trip film about the importance of the family that’s right in front of you. In other words, I thought it was good. It had its little issues, but it was worth recommending. My little girl was quick to school me on how I was wrong.

She used words like “amazing” and “great” so many times on the drive home. In fact, she was just laying in bed last night and told me out of nowhere that we needed to take everybody to see that movie. Then she mentioned every single one of her sisters, brother, mom, and me. She made me promise I would take her again. So, I can’t let her down.

It is typical for Pixar films to cross the child barrier and touch the hearts of adults, but I’m not sure that my little girl has had this level of a reaction to an animated film yet. She was engaged all the way through and truly wants to go again. When you couple this with my tepid, but positive response, you get the key to the everlasting reason why Pixar can’t seem to be stopped.

Not all of these movies can be ‘Toy Story 4’ or ‘Inside Out’, but even the weaker Pixar offers are so much better than most of the family films that are out there. In many ways, this film panders to nerds and pop culture, but the heart is really there to make up for it. Plus, the movie has Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as brothers who are trying to get a day with their father. And putting these two together again was always an inspired idea.

Bottom line, Pixar has done it again. Filled to the brim with action, laughs, and love, ‘Onward’ is a story that will have something for just about everybody. And the littlest ones will tell you how much they want to share it with the whole family!

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