Movie Review: ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ Is A Dumb Blast Of “The Dino & the Furious” Fun

The latest trip into ‘Jurassic World’ is truly brain cell reducing trip down memory lane. Yet, it also throws a series of fantastic action sequences and unforgettable characters into the mix. Many will roll their eyes. Some will clap their hands. And others will just be excited to see the original cast back together. Whatever reason you have for wanting to see this movie, it’s probably going to quench that in some way.

This doesn’t exactly make it a good movie per se, but a pretty bad ass amusement park ride of memorable characters that have been treated with the thinnest of stories to move them along. The thin story for the family of Owen (Chris Pratt), Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), and their self-adopted clone of a genius scientist daughter Maise (Isabella Sermon) is all about a globe trotting rescue. The thin story to bring back the “OG” cast of Ellie Sadler (Laura Dern), Alan Grant (Sam Neil), and Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) is all about giant locusts destroying crops. Yes, they brought back the original cast by telling them they would be stopping a giant bug invasion in a dinosaur movie.

Once the plots begin to unfold it is completely up to the audience to decide whether they can turn of their brains and enjoy some exciting action sequences or if they feel insanely offended by the idea that humans could train raptors to follow people who are tagged with red lights. I personally laughed a bit at how stupid a concept like that was when I first heard it. Yet, I admit I had an absolute blast with the crazy action sequence that had Chris Pratt on a motorcycle getting chased by velociraptors down a runway like we were in a new ‘Fast & Furious’ movie.

It also helps that you have five characters coming into this movie that are really good characters and it is enjoyable to watch the doing things on screen. Even if some of those things are pretty stupid. This is especially the case when Jeff Goldblum gets into the action in the final act. His coming relief his picture perfect and just made me wish he could have started playing of all these other great actors earlier in the proceedings. Still, I can certainly complain about how much better this could have been, but sometimes a bit of a good thing is better than not having the good thing at all. You will have to decide if that’s the case here for you

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