Movie Review: ‘Hotel Transylvania 3’ Blu-ray Is Not All Terrible

I have not particularly enjoyed the last couple of ‘HotelTransylvania’ movies. The animation style is less Pixar and more Direct to DVD. It also doesn’t help that the usual suspects of crappy Adam Sandler movies are on full display in all these films. However, the first one at least managed to overcome that a little with unique versions of classic characters like Dracula. 

The new one knows that you have already made two trips into the hotel and it isn’t interested in taking you back. It is determined that a vacation is needed from the hotel. Fresh locations are always a staple of sequels. After a poorly written set up, the characters all start to smooth out a bit upon arrival at a monster cruise ship.  

But the biggest plot thread, and the only particularly humorous or interesting part of the film, comes when Captain Ericka Van Helsing (Kathryn Hahn) shows up on the ship. You see, Count Dracula (Sandler) is head over heals in love with Ericka from first sight, while Ericka wants to kill Dracula because she’s a Van Helsing. That’s just what they do and her grandpa won’t let her be any different. 

Much humor and action is played from this barely dodging murder concept. Which may sound morbid, but Roadrunner did it for years and it’s the best part of that show as well. The rest is just silly slapstick that will work for little kids, but mostly bore adults. Luckily, it’s just obnoxious enough to be tolerable and if my 3 year old could sit through the whole thing then it can’t be all bad.

Nathan Ligon

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