Interview: Author ‘V.C. Chickering’ Talks Her Great New Novel Twisted Family Values

V.C. Chickering has lived in New Jersey for most of her life, except for when she lived all over Manhattan for 17 years, and in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, back in the day for $250 a month rent. She’s parked cars at the Four Seasons in Boston for a summer and studied avant-garde theater in Paris for a year. She also lived in Los Angeles; San Francisco; and Edinburgh, Scotland; then back to New Jersey so she wouldn’t have to pump her own gas. Chickering wrote and directed plays and produced a performance art series while at N.Y.U, then eventually spent 10 years writing, directing and producing on-air promos for various television networks such as MTV, Comedy Central, Lifetime, and Oxygen. During this time she interviewed Judy Blume, Amy Poehler, and Joan Jett, under the byline Tori Galore for BUST magazine. She also wrote two screenplays, articles for Cosmopolitan and The Washington Post magazines. Plus countless essays, two of which were published in the anthologies, The BUST Guide to The New Girl Order and A Girl’s Guide to Taking Over the world.

Check out her website here as well as for tour dates,Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She also loves to do book clubs via Skype so contact her you would like to schedule something. The book is in stores on Tuesday, June 25th from St. Martin’s Press. You can listen below to the interview.

In WASPy Larkspur, New Jersey, social expectations and decorum rule, and Marjorie and Dunsfield Thornden are the envy of their neighbors. Their daughters Claire and Cat set the small town’s social calendar by throwing tastefully lavish family parties year round. Because it’s 1977, underage debauchery is to be expected―and Cat and Claire’s children, Bizzy and Choo, are at its very center.

Underneath their well-maintained veneer, the Thorndens are quite dysfunctional, but have always had their entitlement to fall back on. And while some are finally ready to accept what they’re willing to give up for the life that they think they deserve, secrets that should’ve never been kept―especially not from each other―are bubbling unattractively to the surface.

So when a scandal threatens to unravel this tight-lipped family and their secrets, the Thorndens will have to decide how much they’ll let decorum rule social mores dictate their decisions and how far they’ll go to keep some secrets just that. Any choice they make could mean freedom from expectations but will change the course of their family’s legacy forever.

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