Godzilla vs Kong: Get Ready for a Titanic Clash in 2021

There are some exciting movies lined up for release in 2021, but few of them feature characters that are as famous and fearsome as the stars of this film. Godzilla vs Kong is set for release at the end of March and promises some spectacular action.

What We Know So Far:

This is the follow-up to a couple of films; Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Kong: Skull Island. By bringing these two creatures together, Legendary Pictures are creating the fourth movie in the Legendary MonsterVerse. Adam Wingard is the director, and the cast includes Alexander Skarsgård along with Millie Bobby Brown, and Rebecca Hall.

According to the information from Warner Bros and Legendary, Kong is on his way home, accompanied by an orphan called Jia who has formed an intense bond with him. Godzilla rises from the sea to challenge Kong, setting the scene for an epic battle.

The movie’s trailer hints at there being some dark force at work, throwing these giant creatures together and putting the Earth at risk. Some theories suggest that it could be MechaGodzilla behind their meeting, but this is yet to be confirmed.
The Release Details:

Initially, this movie was set for a release in late 2020. However, it has since been put back to March 2021. In the US, it will be released simultaneously on HBO Max and in movie theatres on March 31, while it will come out five days earlier in the countries where HBO Max isn’t available. This follows the model to be used for all Warner Bros movies in 2021, with a month on the HBO channel upon its release.

The trailer came out on January 24 and quickly became the most-viewed ever released by Warner Bros. Racking up more than 15 million views in its first 24 hours online and raised the idea that it could soon become the most-liked Hollywood trailer on YouTube. The release plans hit problems when Netflix bid $250 million for the rights to screen Godzilla vs Kong. But Legendary and WarnerMedia finally came to an agreement that allows them to carry on with the simultaneous release as planned.

The Popularity of These Creatures:

King Kong and Godzilla are two of the most popular and instantly recognisable characters in movie history. Kong first appeared in 1933’s iconic King Kong starring Fay Wray. The latest of the 12 movies made starring the giant gorilla was 2017’s Kong: Skull Island, starring Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson.  The success of these movies has led to Kong showing up a variety of books, comics, and cartoons.

Both King Kong and Godzilla have also appeared in numerous games. For example, King Kong is a popular slot theme, as this list of the online casino slots sites, that features brands like Casimba, PlayOjo, and Mr Green, shows us. Amongst the thousands of slot game options, in PlayOjo, we can see Mighty Kong, King Kong Cash, and King Kong Fury listed. Godzilla has also appeared in many games, from 1991’s Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters on the NES, to the Godzilla Defense Force mobile game released by Nexon in 2019 for Android and iOS. This creature has featured in 36 films, a cartoon series, books, and toys. He even popped up on a Nike commercial once.

The massive popularity of the main characters should mean that there are plenty of people interested in seeing how Godzilla vs Kong brings them together and who ultimately wins this titanic battle.

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