Emerald City Comic Con Interview With Author And Illustrators Daniel Barnes And D.J. Kirkland Talking The Black Mage

by James Lindorf

While at Emerald City Comic Con earlier this month I had the pleasure of speaking with Daniel Barnes and D.J. Kirkland, the author and illustrator of the upcoming graphic novel Black Mage from Oni Press. Thanks to the “Magical Minority Initiative,” Tom Token will be the first black student at St. Ivory Academy, a historically white wizarding school. Everything is going as well as you would expect when Tom begins uncovering weird clues about the school and receiving creepy texts on his phone. With the help of his friend Lindsay, Tom stumbles upon a conspiracy that dates back to the American Civil War. Attempting to solve the mystery could make Tom the hero of the school, or it could cost him his soul.

I got to talk to them about the book’s unique path to publication, as well as their inspirations. If the book is half as entertaining as the creators, it could be a smash hit. Black Mage is currently available for pre-orders from major retailers and will be released on October 29th. Until then, you can follow Danny on Twitter at @Danny8bit and DJ at @OhHeyDJ.

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