Book Review: ‘What I Learned From 50 Celebrities (By Screwing Up In Front Of Them)’ By Farrell Hirsch

Everyone thinks it’s great to meet celebrities. It’s not always. As a fan usually it is cool. When you work in the entertainment business having to deal with them can be a pain in the ass. Farrell Hirsch has worked in the business for a long time. He’s had to deal with celebs and sometimes he screwed up in front of them. This is his story of some of those encounters.

Like when Leonard Nimoy hung up on him (he mentioned Spock). I had a similar instance when David Cassidy hung up on me for calling him Keith Partridge. Or following around Bruce Springsteen in a mall and to the movie theaters. He gives fun stories and then tells you the lesson in them each one. Some of the stories aren’t as bad as they may seem. Others show he had a strong demeanor to be able to deal with the celebs.

Having worked in radio as a producer for a long time I can relate to these stories. I could probably write a similar book as him. I mentioned David Cassidy above and there was the time Gene Simmons of KISS yelled at me for video tapping when he came in studio for an interview without me asking him first. It’s a fund read to see what Farrell has had to put up with over the years with many big name celebs and he even has blind items that make you wonder who he’s talking about.

The book is available on Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback.

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