Book Review: ‘Watching You: A Novel’ Is The Next Thrilling Story By Lisa Jewell

Best selling author Lisa Jewell (I Found You, Then She Was Gone) is back with her next thrilling story Watching You (Atria in stores Tuesday, December 26th). Her novels are always thrilling, page-turners and keep you guessing right to the very end.

The story takes place in Melville Heights, a really nice neighborhood in Bristol, England. The story starts off with someone murdered and the police investigating. Then it backtracks to the beginning of January, giving us the back story on the people involved with the murder. Joey and Alfie (newly married) have moved in with her brother Jack and his pregnant wife Rebecca. Next door to them is the Fitzwilliam family, with new headmaster of a school that needs help Tom, his wife Nicola and son Freddie.

There’s also neighbors and in this small community everyone seems to know everyone and some are even watching each other. Tom is loved by everyone that seems to meet him. He has that thing and it can’t be helped. Joey is smitten with him as well. But not everyone thinks Tom is all that including one of his students and even his son at times. As the story progresses we learn secrets and twists in the story and some of the characters have known each other before.

Tom and Joey decide not to fight their attraction and plan to act on it and it could be a deadly mistake. The more the police investigate, the more guilty someone looks. Interspersed throughout the novel is police interviews with various people about the murder (and you’re quite sure who was murdered right away). It all leads up to a shocking reveal (if you read close enough you may figure it out).

I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s for a few years now and this one is another great one from her. If you have time you should pick up the other two titles I have listed above as well. It will make for a great time reading over the holidays curled up in front of the fireplace!

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