Book Review: ‘Under The Southern Sky: A Novel’ By Kristy Woodson Harvey

by | Apr 11, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

I love Kristy Woodson Harvey books….she never writes a bad one and her latest is really good. Wonderful characters, a solid story with two main characters you invest in and root for. For Amelia Paxton, a writer, it’s a time for change. She comes home early one day to celebrate with her husband, only to find him with a man. She leaves him and goes to her family in hometown and begins working on her story about frozen embryos. While looking at a list of ‘abandonded’ ones she sees the name of her childhood friend Parker and his late wife Greer, who died 3 years ago. She goes and tells Parker, who hasn’t gotten over her death, who decides he wants to try and find someone to try and have one of the babies. Amelia, who can’t conceive a baby, can have one though, decides she will try and carry the baby. Soon Amelia and Parker slowly start dating and fall in love but the ghost of Greer overhangs on their relationship and it may note be enough to overcome.

You can pick up Under The Southern Sky in stores on Tuesday, April 20th from Gallery.