Book Review: ‘The Same Bright Stars: A Novel’ By Ethan Joella

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

The book is in stores on Tuesday, July 2nd from Scribner. Click on the link to buy a copy.

Jack Schmidt, is 52 and runs his family’s restaurant, in Rehoberh Beach, Delaware like his father and grandmother did before him. It’s all he does, as it takes up most of his time. When a big corporation, DelDine, makes a big offer for the place, Jack considers it, and maybe it’s not too late for him to have a normal life and family, he considers his staff family and his close friend Deacon tries to talk him out of selling. When Jack’s ex-girlfriend of ten years, Kitty, shows back up in town, her mother is dying, it brings back old feelings. Then she drops a bomb on him, and we get flashbacks about what that is. Jack makes a decision about the restaurant, and the truth about what the company has planned makes him reconsider. He finally takes stock of his life and decides what it is he wants and needs from his life, and it might even include a new love. This is a well-written, character-driven novel featuring a great lead in Jack and a cast of supporting characters. You root for him to make the right decisions and to be happy. This is one you won’t want to put down. A perfect beach read for the 4th of July holiday.