Book Review: ‘The Kind Worth Saving: A Novel’ By Peter Swanson

Henry Kimball was a High School teacher, until one of his students shot another one in his class. Then he became a cop, but that didn’t work out. Now he is a private investigator, and then Joan walks in. She’s a former student of his, who wants to hire him to follow her husband, and see if he’s having an affair. On the surface, this is easy. But things soon get complicated. Her husband, and alleged lover, are shot to death, and Henry finds them. It seems like a murder-suicide, but a lot more is at play here, and Henry does his job, and soon figures this out. Has he been a pawn in a deadly scheme? He has to look to the past in order to figure it all out, and soon figures out how it’s all connected, but it may be too late for him. Another solid novel from author Swanson, who never disappoints. Not his best novel, but a worthy thriller.

You can pick up The Kind Worth Saving in stores on Tuesday, March 7th from William Morrow.

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