Book Review: ‘That Summer In Berlin: A Novel’ By Lecia Cornwall

Viviane Alden is suppose to marry a very rich and powerful Duke but calls it off, she claims they don’t have much in common and he is a facist. Her mother is not happy about this and all Viviane wants to do is use her camera and take pictures, which she’s very good at. Tom Graham is a reporter and is asked to go and cover the 1936 Olympics in Germany and work as a spy and gets in with the Nazi’s and report back things he learns in Germany. When Viviane’s stepsister is sent to Germany, Tom asks her to go along with her, use her camera to help him spy. Viv’s father was in WWI and he ended up getting mustard gas and was never the same after, until he killed himself. Now she has a chance to help avenge his death. The rich family she stays with has three sons, two who pledge to Hitler and one who works as an engineer, and is helping to make more deadly gas. Viviane and Tom both have to be very careful with what their doing and when Viv gets sucked into a plan and betrayed, her cover is blown and it’s up to Tom to try and save her. Fans of historical novels (though this is not based on anything) will enjoy this book. The setup in Germany and the lust descriptions of the country, make you feel like you are there. The plot is exciting and you will want to keep reading along.

You can pick up That Summer In Berlin in stores on Tuesday, October 11th from Berkley.

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