Book Review: ‘How To Stop Time’ Is A Great Read

Imagine if you will growing old really slowly and living a long, long time. That’s the problem Tom Hazard has in Matt Haig’s How To Stop Time, in stores now from Viking.

Tom is presumed to be 41 years old. In reality due to a genetic condition that some people have he ages very, very slowly. He’s actually hundreds of years old. He also belongs to a secret society for people like him. They keep an eye on him and the others and help protect them from people that are aware of them and want to expose them. It comes with a price though. Every few years they have to do something when asked. And it may not be something they like. There’s also one other rule. Don’t Fall In Love.

Tom has been all over the world and is currently in London as a teacher. It also brings back memories of the woman he did love and the daughter they had together. She has been missing since she was young and Tom has been searching for her for hundreds of years, assuming she is like him. Through flashbacks we learn about his life from the time he was born, to moving to London, to various adventures and tasks he’s had over the years.

The more he searches, the more suspicious he becomes of the society that is suppose to protect him. He also meets a fellow teacher and has feelings he hasn’t had in centuries. Could it be so bad to fall in love? And then a sudden betrayal and a shocking discovery will forever change Tom and the society.

A fascinating discovery of love, loss, envy and survival. If you could live for a long time but have to be on the run and forget the people you get to know and love would you do it? Would living for hundreds of years be a benefit or a curse?

I have this book right now as one of my top books of the year (at least as of now). Pick it up and read it and then tell me you didn’t enjoy it as much as me!

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