Book Review: ‘Murder With A View: A House Flipper Mystery’ By Diane Kelly

Author Diane Kelly writes really fun paperback novels. Her Paw Enforcement series is one of my favorites. She also writes A House Flipper series, which I also really like. Their well-written mysteries, interesting characters and a cat that shares feelings. Anytime an animal talks to the reader I am all in!

Whitney Whitaker and her cousin Buck are into flipping properties. And this time they’re gunning to get The Music City Motor Court, which is up for auction. They manage to get the property and start working on it right away. They find Jimmy staying in one of the rooms. He’s a vet and he ends up helping them with the work. Then Whitney’s cat, who she sometimes brings to work, finds another dead body (not his first). It’s the body of a well-known country singer named Beckett Morgan. Now the search is on for the killer with Whitney involved in the search with her detective boyfriend Collin. There’s a few suspects but no one they can arrest yet. When Whitney makes a discovery it could end up costing her her life, if not for the help of someone special, she might just end up dead.

You can pick up Murder With A View in stores on Tuesday, February 9th.

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