Book Review: ‘Missing And Endangered: A Joanna Brady Novel’ By J.A. Jance

In the 19th novel in the Brady series a lot is happening all at once for Sheriff Joanna Brady. One of her officers has been shot and he killed a man while delivering a no-contact order. He’s in rough shape and now an investigation is being opened into the case. She must give the news to his wife. The man who was shot has a wife and two kids and Joanna thinks there’s something wrong with this woman and she have something to do with the shooting. She starts an investigation into her. Then there’s Joanna’s daughter Jennifer, who is away at college. Her roommate Beth is a naive girl who is caught up in an internet dating scheme, but has no idea. This gets Jennifer involved and puts her life at risk. Joanna has a lot on her plate and with the help of the FBI and federal authorities, she may just be able to solve everything and keep people safe.

Another solid Brady novel by J.A. Jance, who never disappoints with this series. Joanna is one of my favorite series, along with another Jance series of books about Ali Reynolds. If you haven’t read any J.A. books now is a good time to join the club.

You can pick up Missing And Endangered in stores on Tuesday, February 16th from William Morrow.

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