Book Review: ‘Every Vow You Break’ Is The Next Thrilling Peter Swanson Novel

I love Peter Swanson novels. He writes the best plots with thrilling twists and exciting action. His latest is no exception. A tale of survival for one woman against the odds.

Abigail is engaged to millionaire Bruce Lamb and although she has a few reservations is ready to marry him. He’s everything she needs in a man and he pays for her bachelorette party for her and her friends. On one of the nights she gets really drunk and meets Scottie and ends up sleeping with him. She feels really guilty but figures Bruce will never find out. Back in New York to prepare for the upcoming wedding, which isn’t too far off, she spots Scottie in the city. She can’t believe he just showed up. And then he e-mails her and she tells him there’s nothing between them and to leave her alone. She even sees him outside of her wedding reception. When they leave for their honeymoon on a remote island outside of Maine, that is a resort of sorts that has no cell service, internet and barely any electric, run by one of Bruce’s friends (and he is a part owner), it turns out to be the honeymoon from hell. Here secrets are revealed, betrayals are made and Scottie is there. Just who is he and what’s his connection to Bruce and this island. Soon Abigail learns all the shocking secrets and she has to fight for her very life.

You can pick up Every Vow You Break in stores on Tuesday, March 23rd from William Morrow.

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