Book Review: ‘Dead By Dawn: A Mike Bowditch Novel’ By Paul Doiron Is The Next Thrilling Adventure In The Series

Mike Bowditch, a Maine Game Warden, finds his life in mortal jeopardy and this time it could be the end. Before today his biggest problem was which of the two ladies in his life he should spend Christmas with. Then he gets a letter from the daughter of a wealthy professor who died four years ago. He decides to take another look at the case. He finds out some new information and it leads him to talking to a variety of people who are just weird. He bounces around from one house to another asking questions. When he’s finally done and on the way home with Shadow (his wolf who had been to the vet), he’s on an icy patch and notices something on the road that rips his tires and forces his jeep into the ice cold water. He has to fight to get out of the car and only hopes Shadow has escaped as well. He manages to get out but is so cold and nows he has to keep moving and then someone is shooting at him. Then there’s snowmobiles and he’s doing all he can to fight these people off but it’s a losing battle. Then he learns who they really are and it’s all about revenge from a previous investigation by Mike. As the battle lines are drawn, it could be the last of Mike Bowditch.

This is the best novel yet in the series. All action from start to finish and the scenes in the woods and out in the cold with Mike are written really well and have the reader on the edge of their seats.

You can pick up Dead By Dawn in stores on Tuesday, June 29th from Minotaur Books.

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