Book Review: ‘Daylight: An Atlee Pine Novel’ By David Baldacci

FBI agent Atlee Pine is determined to find out what happened to her twin sister Mercy at all costs. She finds out who the kidnapper was and starts investigating which runs her into CID agent John Puller, who is investigating drug dealers and it ties in to the same people.

She teams up with Puller and starts investigating mobster Ito Vincenzo, who she believes was the kidnapper. She starts visiting the family he has left including grandson Tony and father Teddy, who wants a deal and later is found dead. Soon authorities try and stonewall Pine and Puller and a fellow CID agent is killed, in what might have been meant for Puller or Pine.

They soon learn of a plot that involves something at the highest level and they will need to act fast to try and stop it and the question is will Atlee get the answers she’s looking for?

Author David Baldacci never writes a bad novel and this one starts off strong and never lets up. It is written like a stand-alone in case you haven’t read previous novels. He gives enough information to understand what’s going on.

You can pick up Daylight in stores on Tuesday, November 17th from Grand Central.

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