Book Review: ‘Crusoe, The Worldly Wiener Dog’ Is Awesome

Who does not love dogs (okay there are some that don’t)? But if you do Crusoe the celebrity Dachshund is back with a new book of pictures form his travels around the world. He has 2.5M Facebook likes, 601k on Instagram, he has his own blog Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund and is a best selling New York Times dog.

The book is just full of great photos of him in various outfits and settings. Whether he’s at home or in Switzerland, in Hollywood where he has his own Star, getting a check up or enjoying life in Italy, his is content and the pictures are just amazing to look at.

It’s hard to review a book that is all about the pictures. There’s text to describe what is going on with each photo. And Crusoe just looks like he is enjoying life to the fullest. I am jealous at the places he has gotten to go to and the things he gets to do. He doesn’t come off (at least in pictures) as any kind of doggy diva. Just a dachshund enjoying life.

It makes for a perfect coffee table book for everyone to admire. You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, October 16th from St. Martin’s Press.

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