Book Review: ‘Christmas In Peachtree Bluff: A Novel’ By Kristy Woodson Harvey

The last book in the Peachtree Bluff series was suppose to be the finale to the series. Then the pandemic hit and author Kristy Woodson Harvey decided to write another one, as fans started asking for more and she found herself home and the holidays coming. And we are all the better for it. The newest novel hits all the right makrs and is just another great addition to the series. The whole family has come home to Peachtree Bluff for Thanksgiving and to be together. But not everything is great. Caroline and James are getting a divorce and their 15 year old daughter Vivi is acting out. Adam wants to get married to Emerson, who isn’t sure and get their own house. The only ones doing great are Jack and Ansley, who are getting ready to go on a cruise in Australia, leading up Christmas, when the family will be together again. But Hurricane Pearl is hitting the area and because of something stupid Vivi does, Jake, Vivi and Ansley, miss the trip (which Vivi was going to go on) and ride out the hurrican. The rest of the family boats in to see what is left of the town and to pick-up and move on with their lives.

You can pick up Christmas In Peachtree Bluff in stores now.

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  1. November 27, 2021

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