Book Review: ‘Before She Knew Him’ Is The Next Thrilling Peter Swanson Novel

Author Peter Swanson is back with his next thrilling thriller. He is the author of All The Beautiful Lies and Her Every Fear (which I highly recommend both of them). His new novel is titled Before She Knew Him and is another winner! It’s a great psychological thriller with twists and turns and and an ending you don’t see coming.

Hen and her husband Lloyd have bought a new house outside of Boston and are excited about it. Lloyd works in the city and Hen is an illustrator. She also suffers from bipolar and had a bad episode but is under control now. They meet their new neighbors Matthew and Mira and go to their house for dinner. While there Hen notices a trophy that looks like one that had belonged to someone that was murdered two years ago, a student named Dustin Miller. Hen was fascinated by it then and now it brings her back to it. She swears that belonged to Dustin and now she thinks Richard had something to do with it. He is on to her and takes the trophy away.

She soon starts following him trying to get evidence that he may have killed Dustin. But she gets far more than she ever imagined when she learns his deep dark secret. It could put her, Lloyd and others at risk. It leads to a shocking, climatic reveal like I said about you don’t see coming and the end of one person’s life.

I am such a fan of Peter’s books and couldn’t put this one down until I finished it. It’s a page-turner like his previous books. He is at the top of his game once again.

You can pick up Before She Knew Him in stores on Tuesday, March 5.

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