Blu-ray Review: ‘The Flash: The Complete Fifth Season’ Blu-ray

Season five of The Flash brought big changes to the show. Nora showed up all grown up. She is the daughter of Barry and Iris from the future. She tells them a bit of what happens in the future and has a tense relationship with both Mother and Father throughout the season. She is also keeping secrets as to her motives for being here.

They have to deal with the big bad this season Cicada who seems to have their number at every turn. He is a formidable opponent. There is also a new Harrison this season (actually a few). Caitlin goes in search of her father along with Cisco. Old enemies appear from time to time. Personal situations affect each of the team members and they must all overcome them if they are going to defeat Cicada, with Nora being to key to this.

Another great season of The Flash with stories being a little more personal and the action as good as it ever has been. The addition of Nora to the cast gave us and Barry and Iris a hint at the future and what might be. With big things happening in the season finale things might be really different as we head into season six of the series in October.

You can pick up The Flash: The Complete Fifth Season in stores on Tuesday, August 27th from Warner Home Video.

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