Blu-ray Review: ‘Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season’

Season seven of Arrow brought big changes to the show. Characters left, a double story-line was going on and by the end of the season it was the end of Oliver and Felicity. It was an up and down season by the end it satisfied and left lots more questions than answers.

The first part of the season had Oliver in jail after turning himself in and revealing himself as the Arrow. The other members of the gang tried to keep the piece. Oliver eventually got out and things were still bad in the city and he ended up along with the others working for the city and with the police to keep the bad guys at bay and against another bad guy for the season.

In another story-line going on a flash-forward was taking place with Oliver and Felicity’s children trying to stop something put in motion before it is too late. It leads to a shocking reveal about what has been going on with Felicity all these years.

As the season ended Oliver had to leave to fulfill a promise he made to Monitor via the crossover episodes that aired during the season.

It was announced that the show will return for an eight and final season. Things will be really different. Oliver is gone as is Felicity and no one knows how things will turn out. It should all come to a head with the big crossover event planned for the new season.

You can pick up Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season in stores on Tuesday, August 20th from Warner Home Video.

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