Best in Arts & Entertainment 2020: Halsey: Manic (Music)

I just read a statistic today that showed less than 20 of this years hit songs and albums were by women. Well, that’s a stat I just don’t understand, because almost all the music in my Top 20 list is by female artists. Not because I have anything against male artists, but the women are just producing much better music this year and more people need to notice. A great example of this is Halsey’s new album, ‘Manic’.

It’s crazy to think that ‘Manic’ is only Halsey’s 3rd album and she is already ruminating on her life with such honesty. These are not just simply love songs complaining about ex-lovers or a series of catchy dance tracks. Halsey is brutally honest about her faults, insecurities, and the mistakes she has made along the way. This is the kind of album that most artists put out in their 40’s to show that they are human. Halsey has been kicking out memorable hooks with eye opening truth since her first album. Yet, this one does seem like the kind of album that a seasoned artist might put together.

Whether she is lamenting on the realities of the life she thought she would have had in ‘Still Learning’ or singing that she’s less pessimistic about other humans than she might admit in ‘I Hate Everybody’, Halsey is consistently peeling off layers of herself. By the end of the album she is admitting to a tiny inconsistency in her life story by calling herself a “fucking liar”. In a world filled with so much bullshit, it’s great to hear an album that is brutally honest. It doesn’t hurt that every song is so damn good. Don’t miss this album!

Nathan Ligon

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