Best in Arts & Entertainment 2020: DEVS (TV)

Devs (TV, Streaming, FX on Hulu)

Alex Garland has been a premier name in science fiction ever since his early writing days with Danny Boyle. Yet, as Boyle shifted into more modern stories, Garland has gone deeper into the realms of the possible futures we have in store. His first few directorial efforts (Ex Machina, Annihilation) are two of the most thought provoking science fiction films of the last century, and he has chosen to follow them up with something a little more long form.

‘Devs’ still has much of the slow burn style that Garland has used his entire career, but the extra time a TV series affords him allows for maximum tension and a maddening level of wonder. Some may find the level of convolution and lack of answers to be a bit too much, but they do eventually come. Which brings us to the most amazing part of the whole thing. The answers to the mystery are actually as interesting as the mystery itself.

Giving away too much would be a disservice to anybody that’s going to watch this show. So, I will just tell you that it stars Nick Offerman in his least comedic role ever and it’s about the pet project of a brilliant tech company. When they invite a new member into their project, things begin to be revealed that literally alter the way we view human existence. I wish I could offer more, but that would be mean. Just watch this show. It’s well worth your time.

Nathan Ligon

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