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Movie Review: ‘Beyond Paradise’

When Shahrzad (Francia Raisa; The Secret Life of that American Teenager) left her troubled life in Iran for a quasi-arranged marriage in the City of Angels, she probably thought her life was looking up. But she cannot seem to put the past behind her ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Circle’

“Circle” adapts the framework of reality TV to a “Twilight Zone”-style premise with surprisingly effective results. The premise: A group of fifty people—all Americans, of varying race, class, and background—wake up in a room that looks like the set of “The Weakest Link” (but, ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Julia’

Rape and revenge, the peanut butter and jelly of exploitation filmmaking, define the parameters of “Julia.” The movie opens with a rape and ends the moment that rape has been avenged. Julia, the victim and avenger, shows little sign of having existed prior to ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Volley’

A New Year’s getaway at his grandparent’s cabin turns into a bed-hopping escapade for Nicolas and his friends, both old and new. Volley delves into sex, love, and drug use in a funny and sometimes poignant manner. While it may play like a rom-com ...Read More

Blu-ray Review: ‘The Vatican Tapes’

The supernatural thriller/horror The Vatican Tapes offers little in terms of thrills or horror. It starts out interestingly enough with what appears to be real video clips of supernatural events and a voiceover discussing biblical connotations or passages. It almost had me thinking it ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘You Cast A Spell On Me’

Ryan McPartlin (Chuck’s Captain Awesome) stars in the new supernatural romantic comedy You Cast a Spell on Me. In it, Ryan plays Matt Andover, a charismatic businessman trying to keep his family business on the right track. But his professional problems pale in comparison ...Read More