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Movie Review: ‘Bloodsucking Bastards’

Do you work in an office? Do you HATE working in an office? Do you feel like your boss is a soulless bloodsucking vampire? Have you ever felt like shouting “DIE YOU BLOODSUCKING BASTARD” to your boss? Then the comedy-horror movie Bloodsucking Bastards might ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Park Bench’

Emily is a neurotic graduate level student studying to become a librarian. Mateo is more free spirited and struggling in an American Literature undergraduate course. After a brief meeting and reluctant negotiation, Emily agrees to tutor Mateo three times a week at a park ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘May Allah Bless France’

The autobiographical dramatic film May Allah Bless France tells the story of Abd al Malik’s rise from teenage criminal to successful rapper while also exploring the Islamic religion as well as the livelihood of people living in ghetto neighborhoods in France. To someone who ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Final Girl’

Final Girl is an eerily beautiful, stylish, dream-like thriller about a young woman, the man who recruits her to become an assassin, and the group of young men they have targeted. In his directorial debut, photographer Tyler Shields has chosen to emphasize the visual ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Oliver, Stoned’

With a title like Oliver, Stoned, the premise should not be a surprise: a man in his mid-20’s trying to have fun and not mess up his life while frequently getting high and stumbling into love and adventure. A majority of audiences will probably ...Read More