Movie Review: ‘Me You Madness’

There is one word that perfectly describes Me You Madness… and it is right there in the title: Madness. Louise Linton’s first stab at writing and directing is splendidly silly, strikingly stunning, and superbly satisfying for those seeking a laugh, so long as you do not take the movie at all seriously. It is part love-story, part cat-and-mouse thriller, all 80’s soundtrack, with loads of meta fourth-wall breakage akin to Ferris Bueller or Deadpool and it earns its R-rating in the first few minutes.

Using narration and/or speaking directly to the camera, Catherine Black (Louise Linton) introduces us to her livelihood and lifestyle. Catherine is a ruthless hedge fund manager (which seemed weirdly timely to me given the recent news about GameStop and hedge fund managers) who describes herself as materialistic, narcissistic, and self-absorbed and admits upfront that she is addicted to fashion, wealth, drugs, exercise, and sex. Honestly, her character is not very likeable, but the plot and comedy try to pick up the slack.

Then we meet Tyler Jones (Ed Westwick; Gossip Girl). Tyler is allegedly interested in Catherine’s available room for rent, though it is quickly revealed (by Catherine) that Tyler is a petty thief casing the house for stuff to steal. Before Tyler can appreciate just how eccentric Catherine is and escape with his life, she drugs him. While Tyler is out cold, Catherine uses the time to prepare an elaborate meal wherein the main course is dead people that she has killed (because they “were bad people”). She also invites over a model, Yu Yan (Shuya Chang; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny), to help her persuade Tyler to stay.

Tyler falls head over heals for Catherine after their first night together, but Catherine realizes she has made herself vulnerable and pushes Tyler away causing him to default to his thieving ways. Of course, she cannot tolerate someone stealing from her, so she draws him back for a final confrontation. There are many ways she could kill him, which she lists with her own brand of commentary/comedy, but which will she ultimately use? Spoiler – if you watch the trailer you can probably figure out how this confrontation ends.

While I did not fully enjoy the characters and/or character development, I did find myself entertained by the ridiculousness of certain situations. Catherine wears extravagant gowns/outfits even while at home and it becomes hilarious how often she changes (especially during the climax). Tyler breaks the fourth wall at one point and Catherine gets annoyed because “it is (her) movie” (at which point she winks to the camera) and only she gets to break the fourth wall. Tyler gets annoyed when Catherine takes a break from trying to kill him to answer a business call. These are only a handful of examples (do not want to spoil everything).

Much of the humor works on some level (again, so long as it is not taken seriously), the plot is intriguing, and the two main characters nearly won me over by the end (maybe a second viewing is in order). The movie is set in Malibu and shows off some of the beautiful scenery. It also contains a lot of 80’s music which Catherine claims is her favorite (I tend to think it is cheaper to use, but this is a good reason for having wall-to-wall 80’s music). Both Catherine and Tyler dance to some of the music at various points, which was also entertaining.

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