Movie Review: ‘Don’t Tell A Soul’

Two teenage brothers find themselves in a whole lot of trouble when a troubled security guard falls into a well after catching them stealing from an elderly woman whose house is being fumigated. The brothers clash with each other about how to handle the situation, but their morale dilemma grows as the minutes turn into hours. Don’t Tell A Soul is a captivating suspenseful thriller with plenty of twists to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Matt (Fionn Whitehead; Black Mirror: Bandersnatch) pressures his brother, Joey (Jack Dylan Grazer; Shazam, It, and the disappointingly short lived TV series Me, Myself, and I) to steal money from an elderly woman allegedly to help their mother (played by a nearly unrecognizable Mena Suvari) with her medical bills. After the robbery, as they are fleeing the scene, they are spotted by a security guard, Hamby (portrayed brilliantly by Rainn Wilson), who chases after them through a wooded area. When Hamby falls into a well, the boys fight about what they should do. Joey wants to help him, but Matt has different ideas. What follows is far worse than sibling rivalry that brings painful issues to the surface.

I do not want to say much more about the plot because it was at this point when I became metaphorically glued to my TV and I feel saying any more would spoil some well-written twists. I will say that there are discussion worthy moral dilemmas throughout the movie, the script is near perfect, and the four main actors are splendid. It was a fantastic movie that I highly recommend and I would even be willing to pay to watch again with others (though because of Covid, “others” is limited to my father and sister).

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