Win A Copy Of The Book ‘Forgotten In Death’ The Next Thrilling Eve Dallas Novel By J.B. Robb

Eve Dallas is called to a consturction site where there’s a dead homeless woman in a dumpster. By all accounts she was well liked by the locals, including the police. While there she’s told there’s another body that has been found not to far away on another construction site, this one is owned by her husband Roarke. It’s a buried body and a fetus and it appears to be from 37 years ago. As Eve begins to work the homeless woman it appears the two bodies might be somehow connected, even with a differece of many years. Her investigation leads her two a rich, powerful family and even to the Russian mob. She then gets into Eve mode and starts kicking some ass, even if it means single-handly taking down the mob.

Another solid story in the Eve Dallas novel world. Eve is on fire in this book and is taking no prisoners. As usual J.D. Robb has her signature comedy relief moments with Peabody, McNabb and almost everyone arround Eve, as she’s easy annoyed. Book number 53 is as good as all the others.

You can pick up Forgotten In Death in stores on Tuesday, September 7th from St. Martin’s Press.

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