Watch Trailer For ‘Rag Doll’

A female sports drama set in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Nora is that girl: the one who works overtime, helps out her family by all means, and leaves little for herself. She can’t even fathom a love interest. With her one free hour a day, she takes out life’s hardships at the local mixed martial arts gym, where she is no longer who she is, if just for that hour. When complications in her real life cause it to crumble, she is lead to enter a championship tournament as a novice. But with life outside of the ring becoming harder and harder, will she even make it to the competition without succumbing to the violence in her life outside of the ring?

Directed by: Bailey Kobe

Featuring: Shannon Murray, Dot Marie Jones, Dante Basco, Stephanie Erb, Roxana Sanchez, Hope Shapiro

Los Angeles Theatrical Release – Friday, February 21st

Video On Demand and Digital HD – Tuesday, February 25th

Rag Doll Teaser Trailer from Double Entente on Vimeo.

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