Watch Trailer For ‘House Of Shadows’ Available Tuesday, October 20

Release Date: October 20, 2020 (Digital,VOD and DVD)
Directed By: Nicholas Winter
Written By: Nicholas Winter
Produced By: Jeet Thakrar, Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar
Starring: Luke Bailey (“Casual+y”), Harriet Madeley (Waking DavidI), Yvonne Mai (“Spy City”), Elena Delia (“The Alienist: Angel of Darkness”)
Distributor: Trinity Creative Partnership
Production Company: Picture Perfect
Genre: Horror
Rating: NR, TV-MA
Language: English
Runtime: 88 Min

A woman visits the mysterious house she has inherited, hoping to learn more about the deaths of her mother and sister. Haunted by ghosts, she must uncover the truth behind the curse of the house, or become the next victim.

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