Watch Trailer For ‘Final Frequency’ And Listen To Interview With Richard Burgi Talking The Movie And Young And Restless

Check out my interview with Richard right below. We talk about the movie and Young and Restless.

Rogue scientists are bent on stealing Nikola Tesla’s most secret formulas to manufacture the Mother of all Earthquakes and collapse downtown Los Angeles during the G-20 World Summit. The “Voice of God” weapon can control or destroy human minds. Innocent PhD student Esther is caught in the crosshairs as she and a gang of determined misfits battle to save her beloved professor and the world. Available on VOD August 31st.

Tim Lowry

Penny Gibben

John David Ware, Derrick Warfel, & Joth Riggs

Kirby Bliss Blanton (Death Wish 2018, The Green Inferno)
Lou Ferrigno Jr. (SWAT, Stargirl)
Richard Burgi (Hostel II, Desperate Housewives)
Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny, The Magicians)

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