Watch Trailer For ‘Deep In The Forest’ On Digital And Demand Tuesday, May 31st

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DEEP IN THE FOREST is a thrilling, topical, hold-your-breath thriller. As violent civil unrest sweeps the nation, a diverse group of stranger’s battle outsiders and in-fighting at a remote hideout. Shortly after arrival, divisions among the group become apparent. And as time ticks by, supplies dwindle, fear and anger escalate. But when armed intruders arrive, the group must stick together to survive.

Director: Jeremy Dylan Lanni
Screenwriter: Jeremy Dylan Lanni
Cast: Ursula Brooks, Derwin Jordan, Stuart Pankin, Peter Jason, P.J. Ochlan, Wendy Worthington, Eva Abramian, Will Bradley, Jedidia Dyer, Larry Cedar, Keith Stevenson, Spencer Martin, Cela Scott, Ross Frasier, Duane Johnson, Roger M. Maye
Genre: Thriller, Action
Run Time: 81 Mins
Rating: Rated R for language and a violent image
Distributor: Saban Films