Watch Short Film ‘Scratch’

Written and Directed By: Ronan Jorah

Producer: Carey Van Driest

Executive Producers Richard and Peggy Raney, Michael Dunaway, Peter and Leah Van Driest, Peter Halpin and Ann Hotchkiss

Editor: Ronan Jorah

Cinematographer: Shannon Madden

Cast: Mark Delabarre, Carey Van Driest, R.J. Foster, JR Carter, Peter Daniel Straus, Tiffany Peach with Rob Eigenbrod and Ronan Jorah

Run Time: 10 minutes

Synopsis: Playing with myths and legends surrounding the Devil from Milton to the American south, the film follows an increasingly bizarre sequence of events that play out in real time, entirely from the point of view of the faceless and silent patron of a roadside diner on the night of a double murder.


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