TV Review: ‘Manifest: The Complete First Season’ DVD

Five years ago an airplane vanished and everyone aboard was presumed dead. The plane appears and lands at and everyone aboard is told it’s five and a half years later. Each of the people on board learn things about what happened when they were gone. But not all is well with everyone that has returned. They hear voices and have headaches. The series follows the characters and we see what happens to them now and we also get flashbacks about things in their past. It all leads to a big reveal in the final episode and a cliffhanger ending.

During the first season NBC ordered a couple of additional episodes and the ratings were soft for the season. Luckily for the fans NBC renewed the show for a second season. There have been a lot of shows like this over the last few years that have not lasted. With at least a second season, it gives the fans and the people that make the show more time to expand and explore more of the story. It’s a great premise as long as they’re able to keep the story going with a great payoff for the fans in the end.

So if you are a fan of this kind of show and missed it you can pick up the DVD and do some binge watching to get ready for season two. Available in stores on Tuesday, July 23rd from Warner Home Video.

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