Top 5 educational movies for student

Being a student is not always all night parties and going out with friends. It is also about being motivated, getting knowledge and finding yourself. And it can be really hard to achieve these things without a proper teacher. A teacher who inspires you, instill confidence and supports any of your endeavors. These educational films for students are exactly about that kind of mentor.

1. Freedom writers
The action takes place in 1994, Long Beach, California. This town is known for its dreadful riots and dangerous gangs of bandits, where teenagers don’t live but survive. Every day they struggle for their existence. A young and promising English teacher, Erin Gruwell, who used to live in a safe and comfortable district, got a job at one of the high schools. However, her inspiration was gone as she faced in her new class. Totally uncontrolled group of teens of different race and nationality. They probably even won’t finish school – whether they won’t survive, or become members of some gangs. Despite all problems, Erin tries to show children that there are a lot of opportunities and all you need is to get over yourself. She says they have a right to choose their future and they can achieve something really big and important. This educational film elaborates on such a crucial topic in the USA as a juvenile crime, the social vulnerability of children from deprived areas and race

2. Lean on me
Lean on me is a biographical film starring Morgan Freeman. It is a true story about a principal of a high school in Paterson, New Jersey whose aim was his students to improve their test scores. He is a harsh educator and also known as «Crazy Joe,» and that is, by the way, only for the best. As students in there are total criminals and no-one before could get their heads on straight. So the first thing he arranges – expels all drug dealers and troublemakers. And then the most interesting part begins.

3. The breakfast club
From movies for students, it is well-known that they can be divided into groups: geeks, posh, sports players and freaks. For some of them, every day is a holiday, while for others it is total hell. But all of the groups have to cooperate until the school is over. Characters in this movie are exactly the kind of it: Andrew is an athlete, Claire a princess, Brian a brain, Allison a basket case and John, a criminal. One thing which bounds them is nine-hour detention in a school library on Saturday. Each should write a 1000-word essay and describe «who they think they are.» Maybe if they had some essay writing service for students, it would be easier. But somehow teenagers get closer and understand that each of them is an interesting person.

4. Dead poets society
Among educational movies, you can also find «Dead poets society» directed by Peter Weir with an astonishing cast: Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke. A new teacher, John Keating, just came into an all-male, elite and conservative school. And students have to face his unusual teaching method, which differs a lot from other teachers one. John Keating offers his students various literature, collections of verses and even outside of classes. And this bowls over other teachers. But Keating wants his students not only take stock of literature but appreciate it. He let guys into Dead poets society and teach them how to take a stand and live it up

5. Stand and deliver
Stand and deliver something in our cruel modern world can only the strongest people with a big aspiration to change their life for the best. However, not all have enough wisdom to choose the right way which will lead to the success. Every day, a usual Math teacher, Jaime Escalante, watch how his students determine a wrong way. He works at a high school, which is situated in a rough area of Los Angeles. Teens there from the early years are fostered by street and its laws. Some of them are even the members of gangs. There are complete chaos and indifference in Jaime’s class. But he still encourages interest and builds confidence in his students.

So try any of those movies, share the ideas with your friends and inspire your teacher to be more outstanding. Because education shouldn’t be monotonous, boring and dull. It should only be bright, exciting and motivating.

Emily Watts is an entrepreneurial and multitasked digital marketer. Emily enjoys writing, and she has now been working for well over a year as a digital marketing specialist. She thinks that yoga is the best way to clear your mind. Emily has her own website where she writes about famous authors.

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