The best film franchises to binge over a long weekend

Who doesn’t enjoy a long weekend? We are all so busy in our everyday lives that having a few days with nothing to do is a beautiful thing. Of course, although you are resting or not rushing about, it does not mean you should be bored. While playing video games, online casino games, or listening to music are great options, many will use the spare time on offer to binge classic movie franchises. That is also a great option if you have already caught new TV shows like ‘Fear the Walking Dead‘ and need something else to stay occupied.

But which are the best series of films to binge over a long weekend?

James Bond collection

If you have a long weekend coming up with nothing to do but lay on the sofa, why not binge on Bond? It is an excellent choice because there are so many exciting films in this franchise that you will stay entertained the whole weekend. There is also a great range of Bond films in terms of theme, feel, and storylines. This is helped by the multiple actors who have played Bond, who all bring their unique take to the role.

For example, the current Bond, Daniel Craig, brings a tough, almost menacing masculinity to the role. That can be seen in the gambling scene in ‘Casino Royale’, where he keeps his cool to take on villain Le Chiffre and wins. The tension so palatable that even those watching safely at home can feel the anticipation. We’re immersed into the game with Bond, holding our breath to see if our beloved hero will play the winning hand. For those inspired to follow in Bond’s footsteps and play a game or two, check out the best online casino Florida sites and get in on the fun yourself. Just remember to find a safe site to game at; you can do that at

Indiana Jones franchise

If you want the most binge-worthy movie franchises which offer plenty of thrills, action, and adventure, why not choose the Indiana Jones films? Although the ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ is best forgotten, the others more than make up for it. ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ ‘Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom,’ and ‘The Last Crusade’ zip along at a fair pace, and Harrison Ford is in great wise-cracking form. Any long weekend will fly past as you join Dr. Jones on his globe-trotting antics to beat the Nazis and save precious antiques. The bad guys in these films are always excellent too – who can forget terrifying Mola Ram in the ‘Temple of Doom’?!

The Hangover trilogy

If you prefer a raucous comedy to all-out action or intrigue, The Hangover Trilogy is a good shout. These films feature Bradley Cooper as one of a group of friends, known collectively as ‘The Wolfpack.’ The first Hangover film was a huge hit and set the tone for the whole series. Set in Las Vegas, it was a no-holds-barred laugh-fest that saw the group of friends enjoying a bachelor party to remember (well, not quite as it turns out!). Part II saw similar high-jinks in Bangkok, while Part III was more of a road-trip. Funny and shocking, these films are very entertaining and have made over $1bn in revenue globally.

Star Wars movie franchise

From spies, action, and comedy, we now go sci-fi. Everyone has heard of the Star Wars series of films from George Lucas. While there were only a few for many years, recent movies (such as ‘The Last Jedi’) have swelled the number of films in this series to enjoy. As a result, it is ideal for any long weekend when you have nothing else on.

These films are a classic ‘Good vs. Evil’ at heart, which is why they remain so relevant. On the one hand, you have the darkly fascist Empire, with only the Rebel Alliance and Jedi Knights holding out against them. These films are full of iconic characters like Han Solo, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker. They also feature some cool locations, plenty of action, and some of the best future tech ever thought of. Lightsabers anyone?! While binging all is fun, many still love the original classics like ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’ best.

Make use of that long lazy weekend

If you have a long weekend coming up with not much to fill it, binging on any of the above classic movie franchises is a great idea. They will keep you entertained for the whole time, and you might even rediscover some iconic scenes or dialogue that you had forgotten. Of course, if you have never seen all or part of the above movie franchises, a long weekend is the ideal time to put that right.

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