Netflix Movies to Create a Romantic Mood for Your Date Night

When you picture the scene for a memorable date night, do you think of waiters fussing over you in a plush restaurant? Strolling through a park, gazing at the twinkling stars mirrored in the cityscape’s bright lights? How about snuggling together on a couch, king-sized popcorn tub for sharing, the remote control ready to select a romantic Netflix title? Watching movies has always been a wonderful form of escapism, but doing so with a love interest makes the experience even more special. Here’s your complete guide to planning a perfect night in.

Planning your amorous liaison

If you’re single and seeking a prospective love interest, you’ll be asking the question, ‘where’s the best place to find one-night stand girls near me?’ so here’s your number one answer! By signing up for a digital dating outlet, you can create a personal profile that states’ loves movies,’ while algorithms in the site or app will suggest matches based on other members sharing your interest. Creating a rapport is easily done by exchanging messages and having conversations about films you love watching.

Tips to prepare for the first date after online chats

Your first date should be an informal get-together. You could go ahead and book that fancy restaurant to try and impress. But nine times out of 10, your date would much rather throw on casual clothes and pop round to watch a movie. So how about some tips for making a good impression?

• Dress down but still aim to impress. Females should go for the wow factor, showing cleavage, sporting stylish designer jeans. Guys – avoid scruffy outfits and sort out your hair. How about a smart zip-up? (which can be zipped down if the temperature gets hot!)

• Create the right ambiance with scented candles strategically placed around your living room.

• Tidy up beforehand. You don’t want your guest tripping over a loose phone charger and hurting themselves – talk about a passion killer!

Top-5 Netflix movies to create a romantic mood for your date night

Now you are faced with a big decision. Which of the latest Netflix offerings should you choose to set the tone for romance? Our first suggestion is? Go online to check out reviews and get some hints. But we’re going to give a headstart with a shortlist of five brilliant films.

The Power of the Dog

A slow-burner, and it’s a romantic drama rather than a romcom. But there are simmering tensions in this award-winning story set in the US West of yesteryear.


There’s nothing quite like a brooding period piece to get the sparks flying. Written by arch-romantic novelist Jane Austen, this is all about subtle flirting and repressed desire.


A newly-wed young woman must battle for her husband’s affections with the potent memoirs of his former wife.

Little Women

Set around the time of the American Civil War, this features captivating performances by four sisters moving into adulthood, each one developing fascinating relationships.

When Harry Met Sally

This 1989 movie, starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal as close friends skirting the fine line between friends with benefits, is a brilliantly funny and thought-proving romantic movie. Wait until you get to the diner scene!

To conclude. If you follow our basic instructions, you’ll set the scene for a fabulous hookup. Once you’ve watched the film, why not pop into the kitchen and make a little nightcap – coffees or wine – then spend some time chatting about the feature? Pop some seductive soul music onto your playlist, then discuss the most romantic scenes. You just might get into the mood to emulate the best action!

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