Movie Short Review: ‘Gets Good Light’

Review by James Lindorf

The first thing anyone may notice about “Gets Good Light” is the stellar cast which includes; Jessica Pimental (Orange Is The New Black), Catherine Curtin (Orange Is The New Black), Cedric Leiba Jr. (High Maintenance) and Edmond Cofie (Thoughts of a Colored Man). In charge of all the action for this topical film is Director Alejandra Parody, a Columbian national and member of the LGBT community. In the not so distant future, the word citizen has come to define a narrow portion of the American population, elite corruption runs rampant, and the undocumented live in fear. An empty luxury condo lures wealthy buyers by day, and by night, it serves as a refuge for a family targeted by immigration officials. Originally slated to show at the Tribeca Film Festival, “Gets Good Light” will be screened online for select audiences in the coming months.

“Gets Good Light” is beautifully shot and powerfully acted by everyone involved. Cedric Leiba Jr. and Jessica Pimental, in particular, shine as the married couple who have faced down everything in their past to be the loving couple they are today. Unfortunately, they are now up against an obstacle they can’t help to defeat with love and dedication, and even in the face of insurmountable odds, they stand united in love and support. The film struck a great balance with its “villains” they are decidedly malicious but don’t cross into the mustache-twirling territory. If that line had been crossed, it would have tainted the message of the film where viewers could easily chalk the movie up as satirical.

Parody doesn’t say how far in the future the film is set, but it feels like it is something that could be in the next four or five years if things turn bad. Everyone should be familiar with the events in Arizona that led to American citizens being forced to carry documentation to prove their status in this country. Just last year, there was the case of Jilmar Ramos-Gomez, an American citizen who ICE tried to deport. This story is topical and speaks to the future as well as the past where citizens like Edmond Cofie’s Andrell, who was born and raised in NYC, aren’t safe from the reach of overzealous prosecutors. “Gets Good Light” is one to be on the lookout for.

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