Movie Short Review: ‘Coaster’

Review by David Ferguson

Greetings again from the darkness. “Life is like a roller coaster.” We’ve all heard the expression and most of us have experienced it … and continue to on a daily basis. The ups and downs, and surprise turns, make life what it is – an adventure.

In this 8 minute animated short film, a young man is transitioning from college graduate to adult life. He hears the encouragement and advice of his mother inside his head at every turn. Having secured his apartment and the numerous expenses that go along with it, he confidently focuses on the next item on his ‘to-do’ list: “Dream Job”.

Writer-Director Amos Sussigan and co-writer Dan Lund follow the young man as the rejection letters come rolling in, each letter professionally worded to note the dreaded and confounding “lack of experience”. Soon enough, the young man gets frustrated and his attention is drawn away from the job search and towards an exciting young woman.

This little film is a reminder that life won’t always be smooth sailing. It will toss “a dip or two” your way, and how you tolerate the roller coaster ride will determine your ultimate level of happiness.

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